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Deregister an existing CC

To de-register your Close Corporation action the following steps:

1) Arrange a meeting with all members of the CC. Compile a letter to CIPRO informing them that you wish to deregister your CC  Click here to view our sample letter that shows required details. All yellow highlighted text needs to be amended.
Print this letter on your CC letterhead. All members to sign in black pen.
2) Make a photocopy of each Member's ID.
3) Make a photocopy of your CK1 document
4) Contact CIPRO on 0861 843 384 to ensure that no additional documentation is needed for the deregistration of your specific CC. Post all documents registered mail (checklist: signed letter, 1 x copy of each Member's ID, 1 x copy of CK1 document) within 1 week of the date stipulated in the letter to:

CIPRO (Deregistration of CCs)
PO Box 429

The deregistration process can take anything from a few weeks to 6 years depending on the responses that CIPRO gets from the Receiver, The Workmen’s Compensation Commissioner and the Unemployment Insurance Commissioner. Ensure that your CC’s record is clear with these parties (i.e. no taxes, VAT, UIF outstanding for prior years) as these issues will delay the deregistration.

5) Advise your Accounting Officer regarding the matter, to deregister the CC for VAT, UIF etc The deregistration will be published in the Government Gazette.

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